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Here's a photo of me sitting in the San Juaqin River with my mom, about 1967.

Most recently, my friend Jamison and I climbed to the top of a mountain on Douglas Island on one of our very rare nice days this summer.

A few pictures from the summer of 06 (it mostly was rainy and cold, alas).

Our latest trip to Boston, plus a visit to our friend's Seven Story Farm, and the Haddows in Minneapolis

Recently I went to Helena to grab my ailing mother.

Here are some collections from  2004 and early 2005...

Mom's visit and some more Christmas shots
Celebration 2004
Grandma Marie's Payoff Party
Fall and Christmas shots

And here are all the new pictures of our house, Pico, and Elia (now old pictures)

More collections....from late 2003 and early 2004

Misc. pictures around Thanksgiving
Christmas shots
Local mountains
Winter beach walking